Mr. John T. Powers, President and CEO

John Powers is an energy expert with more than 25 years of industry experience. He has led both consulting and technology firms in energy economics, engineering, and operations. As founder and CEO of Energy Interactive, he led a team that introduced path-breaking Web-based energy information services to electric utilities and their customers. He directed the development of the industry’s most advanced pricing tools, as well as the most extensive library of electric utility rates. Mr. Powers led Energy Interactive to a successful acquisition by ABB, where he served as worldwide Director of Retail Software. Prior to EI and ABB, Mr. Powers was Senior Vice President of Software and Consulting Services at Quantum Consulting (QC). At QC, he directed a team of 75 professionals in economic, statistical, and engineering analysis of customer energy usage patterns for utilities around the world.

Mr. Ari Halberstadt, Director of Product Development

Ari Halberstadt is an experienced business professional, software engineer & architect, and technical analyst focused on energy innovation and strategy. Mr. Halberstadt has developed advanced approaches to integrating renewable generation into legacy systems. He contributed to guidelines for utilities to implement high-value community solar projects that integrate advanced energy management technologies with local shared solar energy generation. Mr. Halberstadt has also provided policy and technical analyses to San Francisco for an ordinance that requires the installation of solar power in new construction.

Ari holds an MS in Biochemistry and Biophysics from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and is an MBA candidate at UC Davis. He completed his undergraduate work in Biology from the University of Massachusetts.

Mr. Keith Mosher, Director of Software Engineering

Keith Mosher thrives in technically focused startup companies where he manages projects and development teams using Agile methodologies for proven results. He leverages machine controls and IOT technology in developing products in technical fields. Mr. Mosher has worked with some of the leading companies in renewable energy including NRG Home Solar and Opus 12 and other tech startups including Zymergi/FdaZilla, The Computer Studio, Createthe Group and others. He holds an MS in Energy Resources Engineering from Stanford University and a BS in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.