Raise commercial solar ROI.

No batteries required.

Now there’s an inexpensive software for commercial solar that saves up to 30% on demand charges.


AI software that helps commercial solar buildings to use electricity intelligently and save money
Prevent demand spikes and predict equipment failures before they occur

Through active monitoring and controls, we anticipate and correct expensive energy mistakes in commercial solar projects

Maximize the returns on commercial solar investments, including efficiency and battery installations

Reduce demand and Time of Use charges with or without batteries

Increase ROI for commercial solar customers

Accelerate payback time for commercial solar customers by lowering energy and demand charges

Save on building operating costs with minimal effort

Control your electricity bill without an energy retrofit

Increase your customers' control and knowledge of energy operations

Avoid surprising bills through automated control of commercial building loads

"Load flexibility is the giant issue nobody is talking about...  Extensible Energy’s load-flexibility software is a win-win for the solar contractor and the building owner."  
--Jigar Shah, Co-Founder at Generate Capital Inc
Find out if DemandEx is right your non-residential solar building.
DemandEx works with and without batteries. Find out which is best.

Our Partnership Model

Extensible Energy partners with solar installers to maximize energy savings and reduce payback times. We provide sales and technical support.  Apply here to become an Extensible Energy partner reseller in your area and get a free demand analysis of your next commercial solar project

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