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Extensible Energy delivers market insights and advanced technology solutions for energy suppliers, energy customers, and third-party market participants. With more than three decades of experience in electricity markets, EE staff can help you find opportunities as these markets shift.

For Suppliers

windmills Get your next-generation technology right the first time.  Smart grid, demand response, pricing programs, energy efficiency, distributed resources — EE can help you master the required changes in customer interactions, IT systems, and business modeling.

For Customers

windmills Changing markets present opportunities for the prepared, and peril for the rest.  EE staff provide the domain knowledge and technical expertise required to navigate changing electricity markets.

For Solar Contractors and Installers

windmills Extensible Energy offers advanced software solutions that help you deliver superior results for commercial and industrial solar installations. Advanced demand-charge management and load shape optimization tools deliver superior ROI for your commercial and industrial solar customers.