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How Software Solves the Three Biggest Sales Challenges in Commercial Solar

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Wed. May 13th at 11:00 AM PST

The Three Biggest Sales Challenges in Commercial Solar

The U.S. commercial solar market’s growth rate continues to lag behind the residential and utility sectors. While the reasons behind the lag are complex, there are three main obstacles that are blocking commercial solar’s growth:


  1. Finding Quality Projects. Solar contractors can’t easily find quality projects that satisfy their criteria around solar potential, energy usage, electricity costs, and building ownership.  

  2. Credit Worthiness. Banks and solar financiers can’t easily assess the creditworthiness of a business. Even a profitable business can be turned down for a commercial solar loan.

  3. Demand Charges. Solar alone can’t offset utility demand charges that can significantly reduce solar’s ROI and increase payback times.


Thankfully, these three commercial solar obstacles can now be overcome with inexpensive software from Station A, Energetic Insurance, and Extensible Energy.

Free Webinar - 1 Hour Live Streamed Event

Join us for this informative webinar moderated by Powerhouse on May 13, 2020 at 11am PT to learn how to streamline commercial solar sales with these three “Solar Plus Software” solutions.


Commercial solar installers will learn:

  • How Station A’s software reveals targeted building data that reduces customer acquisition time and expenses.

  • How Energetic Insurance’s EneRate Credit Cover software enables unrated or below investment grade businesses to obtain solar PPAs, leases, loans, and other financing.

  • How Extensible Energy’s DemandEx software reduces demand charges by 20 to 40%, increasing solar project ROI and shortening payback times.    

Octavi Semonin, PhD, is the Technical Director at the Powerhouse venture fund, managing innovation data, technology landscape, and corporate partnerships. He has over a decade of experience in photovoltaics research and development. Previous to Powerhouse, Octavi was with Alta Devices, Columbia University, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).


Octavi Semonin


Kevin Berkemeyer

Kevin Berkemeyer is CEO of Station A and responsible for its overall strategy and execution. Prior to Station A, Kevin was part of First Solar’s initial commercial team where he helped develop the North American strategy and began and led First Solar’s China and Thailand businesses, developing utility-scale solar projects in those markets. He started his career doing customer analytics and trading for C&I energy users at retail energy startup Juice Energy in NY. Kevin received a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Spanish Literature from the University of Wisconsin- Madison and an MBA from MIT.


Jeff McAulay is the Co-Founder of Energetic Insurance and a longtime energy technology expert with a track record of new product development in software and services businesses. Most recently, Jeff developed a distributed energy resources business at EnerNOC and founded the Fraunhofer TechBridge program to accelerate the commercialization of Cleantech startups. He graduated MIT with a Masters in Technology and Policy under John Heywood in the Sloan Automotive Lab.

Jeff McAulay


John Powers

John Powers is the Co-Founder and CEO of Extensible Energy and an entrepreneur with broad experience leading software and consulting firms. He brings deep expertise in energy markets, including energy efficiency, demand response, renewables, rate design, transmission markets, demand-side program design and evaluation, metering, and billing. John is also an energy industry consultant with three decades of experience working with the world's leading utilities, as well as their customers and suppliers.

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