Welcome to Extensible Energy

Headquartered in Oakland, California, Extensible Energy was founded in 2010 and is led by John Powers, an energy economist and software entrepreneur, and Ari Halberstadt, a solar software architect and engineer. 

Our mission is to promote the expansion of the commercial solar market through developing intelligent software that is always adapting with energy, technology, data, and the grid.


The ExE Team


Co-founder & CEO

Experienced entrepreneur; 25+ years of energy experience: utilities; energy consulting; economist, MA


Director of Engineering

15 years software architecture experience: software architect, Agile trained, NRG Home Solar software engineering, energy resources engineer, MS


Technical Buildings and Control Expert

10 years HVAC Design & Engineering experience including: modeling and controls engineer, Model Predictive Control, Mechanical Engineering PhD

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Co-founder & CTO

20 years of software and energy experience: software engineer & cloud computing architect; solar energy expert, MS/MBA


Director of Products

10 years clean energy product and finance experience: solar+storage product development, venture capital, investment banking, MS


Software Engineer

Experienced software developer and systems architect


Software Developer and Data Analyst

Backend and machine learning developer


Data Scientist

Efforts include Antarctic neutrino experiments, gamma-ray-burst observatories in the US, a Kuiper belt observatory in Taiwan, and HIV experiments in San Francisco.


Software Engineer

Fullstack developer with over 15 years of experience



20+ years CFO for venture backed companies, 15 years of Commercial Real Estate; JD


Business Partnership Manager



Product Manager



Our Values


When it comes to load flexibility and demand charge management challenges for solar and storage, we will always  be improving our solutions.


Our software and services are always easy to install and nearly invisible. Customers should only notice us when they see how we’ve reduced their utility bills.


Our software is adaptable in real-time, and so are we. We’ll happily adapt to new technology, rates, markets, policies, and opportunities.


You can trust us to deliver on our promises. Whatever we do, we’ll always make it right.


We are energetic, always moving forward, always improving, always looking for new opportunities to deliver more.


Data is good. Harnessing and using data improves our products, our business, and our vision for transitioning the world to 100% clean energy.