Generate Capital

"Load flexibility is the giant issue nobody is talking about. It's less expensive than batteries and discussed often as "another" means of matching solar resources with a building's loads. Extensible Energy’s load-flexibility software is a win-win for the solar contractor and the building owner. Building owners get a higher ROI and faster payback time, and the solar contractor can offer an easy-install demand charge solution with or without batteries."

-- Jigar Shah, Co-Founder at Generate Capital Inc

Boulder Nissan

Installation was quick and easy; they were done in one day, and the results have been excellent. We're saving money every month on our utility bill, as promised. 
They also have identified issues with our solar system and HVAC units that enabled us to get both systems back up and running with minimal downtime.

Before, we often had issues where employees would forget to turn off the heat or air conditioning when they went home; now, that's all automated so we never waste energy at night or on weekends. 

-- Ted Christiano, General Manager at Boulder Nissan

DemandEx Case Studies

Actual interval data and results from three different buildings that have DemandEx installed.