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How to Overcome Commercial Solar Sales Objections in 2021:

Winning Over the CFO with PACE, PPAs, Leases, and Load Flexibility Software

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Thursday, January 14 at Noon PST

It’s a new year with new opportunities in commercial solar sales. With the extension of the ITC through 2021, commercial solar installers and EPCs have several financing and software tools to help overcome CFO’s objections about solar.


Join Clean Financing and Extensible Energy for an info-packed webinar on how to address the financing and ROI concerns of CFOs through offering the most appropriate financing with the greatest utility tariff savings.

Here’s the webinar lineup and what you’ll learn:

  •  Philippe Hartley, Managing Director of CleanFinancing, will discuss how to present the most appropriate solar financing options, including PACE, PPAs, or leasing, to overcome the CFO’s objections. Regardless of the type of building, ownership, credit, or payback concerns, Hartley will describe the best way to satisfy the CFO and close the sale with the right financing for the right owner. 

  • John Powers, Extensible Energy’s CEO, will show how bundling in load flexibility software with solar can increase project ROI, and IRR. Regardless of the type of financing, Powers will show examples of how load flexibility software can impress CFOs with increased utility tariff savings without the hassle and expense of installing batteries.

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Free Webinar - 1 Hour Live Streamed Event

Philippe founded CleanFinancing in 2014 to help accelerate financing for the small to medium commercial smart energy sector. A California licensed general and electrical contractor, Philippe spent years running a solar design and installation company. He knows first-hand that financing can "make-or-break" a project.  Since 2004, Philippe has overseen, sold, managed or financed thousands of solar projects at the residential, commercial and industrial level.  Now focused on helping to make US building infrastructure smarter, he is a national expert on Commercial PACE financing, but his approach is to find the right financing solutions for any given project.

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Philippe Hartley

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John Powers

John is the Co-Founder and CEO of Extensible Energy and an entrepreneur with broad experience leading software and consulting firms. He brings deep expertise in energy markets, including energy efficiency, demand response, renewables, rate design, transmission markets, demand-side program design and evaluation, metering, and billing. John is also an energy industry consultant with three decades of experience working with the world's leading utilities, as well as their customers and suppliers.

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