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K-12 Facilities Guide to Saving Time, Energy and Money

According to a 2020 study, California has 2,430 solar-powered schools and leads the nation in solar adoption, yet energy costs are the second largest expense after teacher salaries. Most of these schools could benefit from new subsidies and inexpensive energy efficiency measures.
Join energy efficiency expert and CEO of Extensible Energy, John Powers, and solar school expert and co-founder of Solar CFO, Tom Monreal, to learn about the latest energy efficiency strategies and time-saving tips to gain further savings from your solar-powered school.

Beating Commercial Solar Customers' Savings Expectations with Artificial Intelligence

Learn the difference between energy charges and demand charges in commercial solar buildings and how Extensible’s DemandEx A.I. software uses a variety of data to monitor, predict, and reduce demand spikes, reducing demand charges by about 30%--and increasing solar’s savings and customer satisfaction.

Must-Have Commercial Solar Software Tools for 2021 

Easy Remote Commercial Solar Designs and Demand Charge Management

It’s a new year and there is a new generation of must-have commercial solar software tools hitting the market that every solar installer should consider.


Learn how Aurora Solar’s remote design software and Extensible Energy’s load flexibility software enable commercial solar EPCs and developers to design PV systems anywhere, while providing higher customer ROI.

How to Overcome Commercial Solar Sales Objections

Winning Over the CFO with PACE, PPAs, Leases, and Load Flexibility Software

We're already into our first year of the "solar plus" decade, and 2021 is projected to expand opportunities for commercial solar sales. With the extension of the ITC through 2022, commercial solar installers and EPCs have several financing and software tools to help overcome CFO’s objections about solar.


Join Clean Financing and Extensible Energy for an info-packed webinar on how to address the financing and ROI concerns of CFOs by offering the most appropriate financing with the greatest utility tariff savings.

The Great Solar Debate: Can Energy Management Software Alone Replace Batteries?

In this lively debate, representatives from the commercial storage and demand management software sectors will debate the cost and value of energy storage for commercial customers, installers, and the grid.


Debating for energy storage will be Andrew Tanner of Yotta Energy. Speaking for demand management software, John Powers of Extensible Energy. Stuck in the middle with the unenviable position of making a choice, Jonas Villalba of Promise Energy.

Four Ways to Speed Up Commercial Solar Sales Before the End of 2020

It’s the last quarter of 2020, and the solar ITC is set to go down from 26% to 22% by the end of the year. How can you speed up commercial solar sales before the end of the year?


Here are four solutions from CED Greentech, Extensible Energy, OnSwitch, and Sustainable Capital Finance.

Financial and Software Innovations in Energy for Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations can benefit from installing solar, but they can have unique financial challenges due to their tax-exempt status and energy usage patterns.

Extensible Energy’s John Powers and K12 Energy’s Joel Carr will discuss several financial and intelligent energy management strategies that can help nonprofits to become more sustainable while increasing their solar PPA savings.

The Triple Win: Three Technologies that Benefit Commercial Solar Customers, Sales, and Operations

Commercial solar installers are increasingly relying on new technology that can help their customers, sales, and operations. Join us to learn about advanced solar plus technologies that can benefit all stakeholders.

Olivia McShea, Head of Sales and Marketing at PVComplete, demonstrates how PVComplete's suite of advanced PV project sales and design software products solves complex engineering challenges and streamlines commercial solar project execution from concept to completion. The platform’s sales and AutoCAD-based engineering products work seamlessly together to maximize solar project accuracy and productivity at a lower cost.
Jeff Adams, eGauge’s Director of Business Development, demonstrates the importance of granular, real time data, and how it can affect design, maintenance, and performance of a PV system. With its flexible communication options, clients get actionable information that can improve the ROI and protect their commercial solar assets.

John Powers, Extensible Energy’s CEO, explains how adding innovative DemandEx load flexibility software can improve the ROI of commercial solar, accelerates sales, and provide greater savings for customers. Superior solar project returns are achieved through easy-to-install A.I. software that uses eGauge’s data to optimize flexible loads and reduce demand and TOU charges.

How Software Solves the Three Biggest Sales Challenges in Commercial Solar

Digital solutions that work today and after the end of COVID-19 quarantines

The U.S. commercial solar market’s growth rate continues to lag behind the residential and utility sectors. While the reasons behind the lag are complex, there are three main obstacles that are blocking commercial solar’s growth:

  1. Finding Quality Projects. Solar contractors can’t easily find quality projects that satisfy their criteria around solar potential, energy usage, electricity costs, and building ownership.  

  2. Credit Worthiness. Banks and solar financiers can’t easily assess the creditworthiness of a business. Even a profitable business can be turned down for a commercial solar loan.

  3. Demand Charges. Solar alone can’t offset utility demand charges that can significantly reduce solar’s ROI and increase payback times.

Thankfully, these three commercial solar obstacles can now be overcome with inexpensive software from Station A, Energetic Insurance, and Extensible Energy.

Making Commercial Solar Sales Easy with Intelligent Solar+ Software Tools

It’s a new decade, yet closing commercial solar sales is still time-consuming and complicated—but it doesn’t have to be with the right solar software.

In a case study format, we’ll walk through the process of developing a proposal for a 200 kW commercial solar office building with high demand charges:

  • UtilityAPI will demonstrate how to gather utility data in seconds;

  • Energy Toolbase will describe how to generate an accurate solar proposal; and

  • Extensible Energy will show how to boost the solar proposal’s ROI significantly by adding intelligent demand charge reduction software.

Together, these three tools streamline commercial solar sales and help close more deals.

Taking Control of Your Energy Costs During Environmental Turbulence

Energy resource use is being reshaped by environmental pressures we're now forced to reconcile with. Join John Powers, Extensible Energy CEO - a Shadow Ventures lab startup, and K.P. Reddy, Shadow Venture's founder, for a discussion about changing the grid and opportunities to innovate around more flexible and resilient systems.

Analysis of three different buildings with DemandEx installed

Locations and building type in this analysis:

  • Orange County Small Office Building

  • Bakersfield Church

  • Colorado Auto Dealer

In each case study we include:

  • Description of building and customer pain points

  • Real utility interval data with and without DemandEx

  • Actual calculated demand savings for the data

  • Insight into how we managed to save customers money

Learn to Manage Demand Charges Without Batteries

The Three Case Studies that Taught Us the Most

Join John Powers and Ben Lochtenberg for an exploration of what they've learned about managing demand charges without batteries. Powers and Lochtenberg share their findings via three partner case studies in different utility territories. These studies illustrate upsides, best practices, meeting unique customer needs, and money-saving results for:

  • Office Building #1 in Southern California

  • Large high-end retail space in Colorado (Auto Dealership)

  • Community Space/Religious Institution [in the Central Valley OR in Northern California]​

Solar contractors, developers & installers will understand the pros and cons of non-battery strategies that economically address demand charges and time-of-use rates using cutting edge software. 

Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 2.09.11 PM.png
New Tools for Increasing Customer Savings As Utility Rates Change

John Powers and Diane Dandeneau discuss how solar contractors, developers & installers can employ new strategies to address demand charges and time-of-use rates, with or without battery storage.

John and Diane will present new energy management strategies that can help PV installers close more business with commercial customers, and will include opportunities for attendee questions. Join the professional commercial PV contracting community for ways of growing our industry and better serving our customers.

Demand Charge Management Software Makes the Most of Your Solar 

Extensible Energy’s DemandExTM solution reduces utility demand charges when paired with a solar photovoltaic (PV) system. DemandEx monitors and adjusts the electricity usage of a building to limit monthly peaks that account for up to 50% of a commercial customer's electricity bill. This significantly increases the ROI on a PV system.

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