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Modern commercial solar contractors install more than just panels and inverters. That’s why we’ve created Extensible Plus, a partner program for solar installers who are expanding and offering “solar plus” energy management, storage, and efficiency services. Plus Partners receive exclusive access to DemandEx and all other Extensible Energy products and services. 

Extensible Plus Improves Commercial Solar Payback
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Plus Partners Benefits Include: 

Energy Intelligence Software
Solar Software with energy intelligene

DemandEx software is available exclusively for Plus Partners. Your customers can save 30% on demand charges and you can close more deals. 

Complimentary Solar Lead Generation 
Solar Lead Generation included with DemandEx

Extensible Energy has internal prospecting tools to help our Plus Partners close more deals. When our partners win, we win too. 

Free Building Energy Analyses  
Energy Analysis included for all Extensibl Plus members

Free assessment of a potential solar building’s flexible loads, demand charges, and time-of-use (TOU) rates for any utility in the United States.

Training, Education, Resources & Support
Extensible Plus focuses on providing educatio, training and support to all members

Extensible Plus focuses on training and educating installers to provide complete energy solutions. We provide all resources and support necessary.

Who Should Book A Meeting?

Book If You:
  • Work with commercial customers

  • Go into and on top of buildings

  • Have customers with high demand charges 

Check Back Later:
  • Focused on only residential

  • Not willing to evolve with markets

  • Work exclusively with industrial and utility scale projects

DemandEx Case Study

DemandEx Case Study Improving Solar ROI
DemandEx Increases Commercial Solar Economics

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to know how to install any special hardware?

Nope! Extensible Energy will train you to do the entire installation. No previous knowledge is necessary. Our team will join you on at least your first solar project to install our off-the-shelf hardware. Teach a man to fish. Am I right?

Is Extensible Plus free?

Yes! ... For now. If you join now, we can promise you it will always be free! We may implement a fee in the future.

Do I need to know how to do a building energy analysis?

Having background knowledge in building energy analysis will help, but it's certainly not necessary. The Extensible Energy Team is familiar with Aurora, Energy Toolbase, Solar Nexus and most commonly used solar quoting tools. We'll work with you to present the best quote to your clients.

What data do I need to provide for my free building analysis?

Our data science team needs at least the building address and utility data to deliver a complete energy analysis. The best analysis comes from 15-minute interval data, but our reports can also be completed with monthly billing data. At least one year of data is needed.