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A Partner Program for Energy Solution Providers.

By partnering with Extensible Energy, you can expand your offering to provide complete energy solutions.

We work with: solar installers, energy efficiency providers, smart thermostat manufacturers, and more!

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Extensible Plus Improves Commercial Solar Payback
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Plus Partners Benefits Include: 

Energy Intelligence Software
Solar Software with energy intelligene

DemandEx softwar saves your customer 30% on demand charges and you can close more deals. 

Complimentary Solar Lead Generation 
Solar Lead Generation included with DemandEx

Extensible Energy has internal prospecting tools to help our Plus Partners close more deals. When our partners win, we win too. 

Free Building Energy Analyses  
Energy Analysis included for all Extensibl Plus members

Free assessment of a potential solar building’s flexible loads, demand charges, and time-of-use (TOU) rates for any utility in the United States.

Training, Education, Resources & Support
Extensible Plus focuses on providing educatio, training and support to all members

Extensible Plus focuses on training and educating installers to provide complete energy solutions. We provide all resources and support necessary.

Who Should Book A Meeting?

Book If You:
  • Work with commercial customers

  • Go into and on top of buildings

  • Have customers with high demand charges 

Check Back Later:
  • Focused on only residential

  • Not willing to evolve with markets

  • Work exclusively with industrial and utility scale projects

DemandEx Case Study

DemandEx Case Study Improving Solar ROI
DemandEx Increases Commercial Solar Economics
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