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DemandEx in Your Building

Demand Charge Management Software: Reducing Your Electricity Bills through Building Optimization & Controls
How does this affect the temperature and thermostats in your building?  

We maintain temperatures in the building within the range determined by building management and make adjustments within that range.  That means at any given time, the temperature could be slightly higher or slightly lower than usual; that’s how DemandEx saves you money and makes the most of your solar installation. The wider the range, the more you can save. Only the designated building or facility manager has the ability to adjust the target temperature range.  While DemandEx does make changes to the temperature in the building, a drastic or abnormal swing could be caused by malfunctioning heating or cooling equipment.

What can you do if something seems wrong?

You can email or call our customer service number at 510-225-9329 if you need to reach the Extensible Energy team to help troubleshoot issues.

Want to learn more about DemandEx? Click here.
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