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DemandEx works best in buildings with:

Small to Medium Commercial Customers

Ideal buildings are 10,000 - 250,000 square feet with HVAC-dominant energy loads. Ideal customers include offices, retail, churches, dealerships, showrooms, schools and warehouses.

High Demand Charges or TOU

DemandEx helps commercial buildings that are subject to demand charges or time of use rates.

No Dedicated Energy Manager

DemandEx can act as a virtual energy manager for your commercial building by actively controlling your flexible loads.

Inconsistent Comfort Control

By controlling HVAC, DemandEx improves temperature control and overall comfort.

Start saving on demand charges today!

Are you right for DemandEx   ?

Find out if your building is an ideal candidate for DemandEx software. 

Should I use DemandEx, Batteries or Both?

  • Works with existing equipment

  • Peak demand charge savings costing $50/kWh installed

  • Single day installation 

  • No permitting needed

  • No performance degradation

  • No need for fire suppression or rewiring

  • Installed cost is  $1000/kWh

  • Provides resilience and backup power

  • Adds value to batteries through demand savings

  • Reduces installed cost of required battery system

  • Provides demand charge savings anytime

DemandEx + Batteries

Interested in batteries? Through our network of energy storage partners we will help you choose the best storage system. 

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