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A few words from our CEO John Powers: High Energy

I’m an economist by training, and I read a lot of stories about how good the economy is or is not right now. There are folks still suffering in some markets, there’s no doubt about that. But I have to say, in the world of renewable energy and building energy control – people came back from the Holiday season ready to work.

Their proverbial phone is ringing off the hook here as new partners, old partners, new customers, old customers, reporters, analysts, podcasters, prospective investors, utility companies, energy-focused accelerator programs, and surely some I’m forgetting have come storming into 2022 thirsty for load flexibility software information – and projects. We’re scheduling new installations weekly, and finding upgrades for existing customers in parallel to that.

We hold a weekly all-hands meeting (virtually these days), and when I hear what every single person at Extensible Energy is doing, I have to smile – because everybody is pulling in the same direction to make our product better and our customers happier as we add to our burgeoning pipeline of opportunities. Do we still have some rough patches to smooth out? Of course. But the opportunities are right there for us and for our partners – which is all any startup (or any business for that matter) can ask. It’s a high-energy Q1 at Extensible Energy, and we thank our partners and customers for that.

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