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For Our First Thanksgiving, a Very Special Thanks to Our Very First Solar Installer Partner

Well, well, well, it’s Thanksgiving already. It’s that time of year when companies send holiday greetings and thanks to customers, partners, early investors, and team members. It’s a wonderful tradition, and believe me, we’re genuinely grateful to everyone who helped launch Extensible Energy’s DemandEx software in 2019. With my hand on my heart and on behalf of Extensible co-founder Ari Halberstadt, thank you, thank you, thank you.

These posts usually list all that we’ve accomplished together this year, but I have to say that much of what we accomplished could not have happened without Diane Dandeneau, CEO of IPOWER Alliance and our very first “Extensible Plus” commercial solar partner.

Diane was like our first Mayflower explorer. Being the first partner of a solar software startup requires a great deal of courage. She was not only learning about a strange new world of demand charge management software, but she was also putting her reputation behind a solution that nobody had sold or installed in a commercial building before.

We’re also grateful for Diane’s commitment to improving our first projects. She understood that DemandEx had just graduated from being a Department of Energy research project to a real-world solar software product (and another big Thank You goes to the Solar Energy Technology Office at DOE for their support for the past three years!). That meant that DemandEx wouldn’t be perfect, yet she still supported us with customers and her sales team.

As a result, our team has made multiple trips to Colorado this year to work with Diane on refining the first installations. Likewise, she’s made multiple trips out to visit our product and engineering teams in Berkeley. These trips have helped us improve installation, user experience, and develop new, useful features. Talk about commitment.

Finally, similar to the Thanksgiving pilgrims, Diane sought a better solar business world and shared our vision for expanding the business model for commercial solar sales. She knew that today’s commercial solar installers needed to do more than just put solar panels on a roof. Instead, they needed to become whole energy solutions providers, or today what SEIA calls “Solar Plus” contractors. Even before we met, Diane and her IPOWER Alliance team were already offering solar with carport, EV charging, LED lighting, and other energy efficiency and demand management services.

Oh, and not only did Diane embrace the Solar Plus vision, but she shared her DemandEx sales strategies in our “New Tools for Increasing Customer Savings As Utility Rates Change” webinar.

Once again, Extensible Energy has so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, but we are especially grateful to have Diane Dandeneau as our friend, champion, and first commercials solar partner.

Thanks for an amazing 2019, everyone. As we add more Extensible Plus partners like Diane, we know we’ll have even more to be thankful for in 2020.

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