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Extensible Energy Now Accepting Toilet Paper with Cyber Coin Transactions

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Reader's please note that this post was published on April first... so... April Fools. That being said, enjoy. :-)

Due to recent commercial solar credit approval delays, Extensible Energy, a solar+ software company, is now accepting rolls of toilet paper in lieu of a monetary down payment.

Although highly unusual, Extensible heard from a commercial solar partner that their client would be delaying installing DemandEx’s demand management software due to credit approval delays. Upon further discussions, the warehouse owner revealed that they were in possession of a 20 x 20 storage room of toilet paper that was left by a customer that had defaulted on storage payments. Given the toilet paper storage, Extensible Energy offered to take possession of the rolls at a barter price of $1 equal to one roll.”

“We wouldn’t normally do this, but during these difficult times, we wanted to help our solar partners and their clients in any way that we can,” said John Powers, CEO and co-founder of Extensible Energy.” When we looked into it, one of our software engineers discovered a new cyber coin that is trading based on toilet paper supply and demand. So, we said yes right away, took possession, and now we’ve already made a profit, at least on paper. No pun intended.”

Extensible says it will be accepting toilet paper payments for a limited time and under certain conditions. All rolls must be sealed in their original plastic and be at least two-ply and have the word “soft” in the description, as these have a higher value on the open TP coin market.

“The cyber coin world is really, really, strange,” commented Powers. “I don’t get it, but our engineers do, and they say we’re going to be made whole and make a profit, so we rolled with it. No pun intended, again. Sorry.”

Powers admitted that he would be reserving a few rolls for himself and his family. He’s also considering using some for thank you gifts to customers.”

“Clearly, this is a unique situation, but as long as we’re helping people and the engineers can keep making good trades, we’ll continue to accept toilet paper for a limited time. So, if your building has demand charge issues and toilet tissues, yes, by all means, reach out.”

More information about Extensible Energy’s toilet paper barter opportunity is available on our website.

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