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Extensible Energy in the News

Updated: Jul 12, 2022


Carbotnic Podcast - Extensible Energy's CEO, John Powers, discusses how a startup is a series of tested hypotheses, the four “C”s of good building energy management systems (Cost, Comfort, Control, and Carbon), predicting energy fluctuations, and more! Listen here.

The Modern Facilities Management Podcast - Extensible Energy's CEO, John Powers, discusses new AI software that enables facility managers to automatically manage comfort while reducing energy costs. Listen here.

The Green Building Matters Podcast - Extensible Energy's CEO John Powers talks to host Charlie Cichetti about ways that building facility managers can help reduce operating costs while cleaning up the grid. Listen here.

WardsAuto Magazine - Taking Control of Dealership Electric Bills - Extensible Energy's COO explains how demand-management software saves car dealerships money by shifting electricity use to less expensive utility rate times, or times when a demand spike won’t happen, automating energy decisions. Read more.

Solar Maverick podcast with Benoy Thanjan - Benoy speaks with Extensible Energy's CEO, John Powers, our mission to bring AI energy intelligence and control to small to medium building owners, and how we're changing the way solar is sold to commercial customers. Listen here.

Bloomberg - New Clean Energy Marketplace Joins Silicon Valley Rush to Green Buildings - Extensible Energy is mentioned in an article about VC investments in green building software. Read more.

Microgrid Knowledge - Three Microgrid Applications Yield Resilience, Savings, Environmental Benefits - A Colorado car dealership's solar microgrid benefits from DemandEx's demand management software. Read more.

California Buildings: - Future Proofing California Buildings for the Renewable Grid - Extensible Energy's CEO John Powers explains how and why California building owners can upgrade add demand flexibility software to their buildings sooner than later. Read more.

Fifth Wall Tactical Tool Belt - How to Solve For New Energy Problems - Host Greg Smithies is joined by John Powers, Founder & CEO, Extensible Energy, to chat about how the company's software aims to help save building owners money on electricity costs through flexible load management. Listen here.

Nexus Labs Podcast with James Dice - Demand flexibility in the Long Tail of small buildings with Extensible Energy - James Dice interviews John Powers, CEO of Extensible Energy, and Deepa Lounsbury, Director of Product and Marketing, about solutions for upgrading small and medium buildings with smart energy management and control software. Listen here.

Renewable Energy SmartPod - Smart buildings set to power growth of load flexibility. Listen here.

Charlotte Business Journal - Extensible Energy is among five startups joining Joules Accelerator. Read more.

PV Magazine USA - Startup Sunday: Startup Sunday: Blu Ox backs software scale-up by Extensible Energy. Read more.

Solar Builder Magazine - Extensible Energy raises $3.4M to scale its DemandEx load flexibility software. Read more.

Solar Builder Magazine - Silicon Valley Clean Energy pilots ‘smart and resilient’ solar school model with Extensible Energy, CEL. Read more.

Smart Energy International - Electron to launch blockchain flexibility platform in Silicon Valley. Software provider Extensible Energy and Community Energy Labs will also demonstrate that load management technology can reduce electricity costs. Read more.

POWER Magazine - Silicon Valley Clean Energy Selects Extensible Energy and Community Energy Labs for a Pilot Program. Read more.

American Public Power Association - Silicon Valley Clean Energy funds programs aimed at deep decarbonization. Read more.

POWERGRID International - DTECH Initiate startups team up to make California school more ‘smart and resilient. Through the grant, Extensible Energy and Community Energy Labs will demonstrate that load management technology can reduce electricity costs and enable schools to cost-effectively install battery back-up and serve as community resilience centers. Read more.

The Mercury News - Silicon Valley Clean Energy grants fund e-bike, cost-reduction projects. For schools in the SVCE customer base, Extensible Energy, an Oakland-based commercial solar company, and Community Energy Labs, a Portand-based company working toward net-zero carbon schools, got funds to develop technology that will reduce electricity costs on campuses. Read more.

Solar Power World - Extensible Energy, Community Energy Labs to perform solar load flexibility pilot program for California school. Read more.

Homer Microgrid News - The Need for Operational Resilience Drives Microgrid Innovation. What is the cost of an outage? For a Colorado car dealership, the lost business is consequential, so it installed an innovative grid-tied, solar + storage microgrid that today provides a myriad of benefits. Read more.

The Solar Podcast - Watch podcast host interview Extensible Energy’s CEO John Powers about the benefits of load flexibility software for commercial solar projects in the Midwest and all over the U.S. Watch here.

SunCast Podcast - The Great Solar Debate: Can energy management software alone replace batteries? Listen to the podcast here. Or watch the debate on Youtube here.

Solar Power World - Smart Energy Week 2020: Four sessions you can still view that point to the future. Read more.

Solar Builder Magazine - Load management software DemandEx now integrates with microgrid controllers, reduces need to rewire. Read more.

North American Clean Energy - Extensible Energy Releases DemandEx for Microgrids and Announces First Successful Installation at a Colorado Auto Dealership. Read more.

POWER Magazine - Extensible Energy releases DemandEx for Microgrids™. Read more.

Smart Grid Today - Extensible Energy AI drives microgrid flexibility, value. Read more.

Solar Power World - Extensible Energy releases DemandEx load flexibility software for microgrids. Read more.

Solar Builder Magazine - Load Profiles: How different storage systems, microgrid controllers fit specific C&I sites. Read more.

PV Magazine - Software could have prevented California’s rolling blackouts. Read the op-ed.

Greentech Media - Why Doesn’t Load Flexibility Have the Same Incentives as Energy Storage? Read the op-ed.

Solar Wakeup Live! - What is a virtual battery? Yann Brandt talks with Extensible Energy's CEO John Powers. Listen here.

Freeing Energy - John Powers – Can software supercharge financial returns for commercial solar projects? Listen here.

CleanTech NEWS - Black and Veatch Accelerating CleanTech Innovation. Read more.

Solar Builder Magazine - Extensible Energy tells us how to reduce commercial demand charges with just solar (no batteries). Watch the video.

SunCast Podcast - Can Software Replace Batteries To Boost C&I Solar Growth? John Powers, Extensible Energy. Listen here.

PV Magazine USA - Software Can Drastically Improve the Economics of Commercial Solar. Read more.

SmartGridToday - Extensible Upgrades DemandEx Energy Management. Read more.

Solar Builder Magazine - Eliminate Small Commercial Demand Charges with Just Solar and Extensible’s New HardCap Feature. Read more.

Solar Power World - Extensible Energy Adds Demand Charge Elimination Feature to Software. Read more.

Valdosta Daily Times - Sustainability Solutions Take Center Stage at Demo Day for Black & Veatch Cleantech Accelerator. Read more.

Solar Industry Magazine - Extensible Energy Launches Demand Charge Management Partner Program. Read more.

Solar Builder Magazine - Extensible Energy Launches Demand Charge Reduction Training and Sales Tool for Solar Installers. Read more.

Yahoo Finance - Black & Veatch Prepares First Cohort for Public Spotlight at Demo Day. Read more.

Solar Power World - Extensible Energy Launches Partner Program for Solar Installers Entering Storage Market. Read more.

Startup Hustle Podcast - Listen to John Powers discuss how Extensible Energy's DemandEx software is part of reducing commercial electricity costs. Listen here.

Shadow Ventures - Why Solar Tech Alone Just Isn’t Cutting It: An Interview with ExtensibleEnergy. Read more.

Greentech Media - Smart Energy Week Recap: Bill Savings Without the Hardware. Read more.

Solar Builder Magazine - What’s Next for 2020? "Solar Plus-Plus." Read more.

Kansas City Business Journal - Black & Veatch Reveals Startups in LaunchKC Cleantech Accelerator. Read more.

PV Magazine USA - Extensible Energy Launches Virtual Battery. Read more.

Solar Novus Today - Extensible Energy Launches Virtual Battery Software. Read more.

Solar Industry - ‘Virtual Battery’ Reduces Demand Charges, Increases ROI For Commercial Solar. Read more.

Solar Builder Magazine - Extensible Energy’s DemandEx Software Looks to Reduce Demand Charges via Solar System Production Alone. Read more.

Solar Power World - Extensible Energy Releases Commercial Solar Demand Management Software. DemandEx doesn't require batteries to intelligently manage loads. Read more.

The Energy Show radio show and with Barry Cinnamon - Reducing Peak Demand Charges Listen here.

Smart Energy International - Seven Energy Startups Selected for IgniteX Cleantech Accelerator. Read more.

Missouri Business Alert - LaunchKC Welcomes 13 Startups To New Accelerator Programs. Read more.

Morning Ag Clips - First Black & Veatch Cleantech Accelerator cohort. Read more.

Electric Power & Light - Extensible Energy Wins Initiate! at DistribuTECH 2019 Read more.

Renewable Energy World - Gridmates, GridX and Extensible Energy Win Initiate, A Start-up Challenge at DistribuTECH Read more.

Boviet Solar Blog - Solar for Commercial Customers: Poised for Growth? Read more.

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