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Introducing….The Extensible Plus Partner Portal!

At Extensible Energy, we want our commercial solar partners to succeed, and we want you to get that next million-dollar sale--and many more after that! But successful sales depend on smooth communication and efficient sharing of information. That’s why we’re officially launching our new Extensible Plus Partner Portal (EPP Portal).

Until the mind-meld is a reality, and we can instantly transfer information from our office to yours, from your customer sites to our office, from one brain to another, we’ve got the EPP Portal, which centralizes everything your team needs for a successful DemandEx sale and installation in one handy-dandy place.

At all stages, from just getting to know DemandEx to your first installation, you may have questions. How much money will it save my customer? How does DemandEx work? How do I answer all my customers’ concerns? What information do I need to collect on-site? How do I install DemandEx?

To answer all of these questions and help our solar partners integrate with us as smoothly as possible, the new EPP Portal streamlines data collection and workflow into our easy-to-use website that walks you through all the steps necessary to get your solar-plus-DemandEx site up and running.

Zipping Through the Quote Process

Getting started with Extensible and providing your first customer quote is simple with the EPP Portal. We’ve enabled the signing of NDAs and reseller agreements by integrating DocuSign, making the signing process as simple as possible. For quotes, our team has worked closely with our existing partners to develop all the collateral needed to present new deals to your customers. The EPP Portal includes a section that details which types of sites work best with our software and a simple upload form to send Extensible a new site to analyze. Next, you can book a time on our sales team’s calendar to review the quote and site analysis.

Your site analysis and quote will be delivered within 48 hours, but while you’re waiting, check out the EPP Portal’s folder with sales materials about how to present a DemandEx quote to your customers. The folder includes a brochure, slide deck, case studies, common customer concerns, sample savings report, sample quote, and a sample proposal. These documents should provide plenty of information on how to present a DemandEx quote, but we’re always happy to join you on a call with your customer to explain our service and quote.

Got the Site Survey App?

After your customer has decided to move forward with the quote, we’ll need a site survey, and we’ve made that easy, as well. The EPP Portal includes an app that allows the solar installer to walk the grounds of the site, take pictures, and record GPS locations. With a few clicks, the site survey app uploads all the information we need to successfully install our software on the site. You can read more about our site survey tools here:

During Installation

Finally, after the site survey is done, we can begin installation. Check your EPP Portal for an uploaded installation guide that Extensible will design for your specific project. Although installation is fairly simple, the EPP portal will also include a link to schedule an appointment with an Extensible engineer for your first installation to make sure everything goes smoothly.

With all the information you need for a successful quote and installation at your fingertips, you’ll win the battle against demand and TOU charges, and win that next million-dollar sale!

Want access to the Extensible Plus Partner Portal? Schedule a 15-minute call with our partner manager Shane Wright.

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