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Partners Are Everything

I’m pleased to announce the kickoff of Extensible Plus, our partner program. You can read the press release here and apply for the program here. As you’ll read, Extensible Plus is designed to assist our solar partners in selling and implementing “solar plus” solutions. In fact, it formalizes what I’ve been saying since day one: Our partners are everything.

If you know my professional history, this announcement is no surprise. While I can be a competitive bastard when necessary, I’m way more into building partnerships that can accomplish more than any one party can achieve alone.

At Quantum Consulting, I put together multiple million-dollar projects with improbable teams of internal and subcontractor resources. At Energy Interactive, we managed to team up with numerous large electric utilities (try that sometime!) to deliver amazing customer experience for commercial and industrial energy customers. At Digipede, we managed to stand out above hundreds of thousands of other Microsoft Partners to win the Innovation Partner of the Year award. And at Extensible Energy, we’ve formed and participated in multiple teams with firms large and small to secure projects from the US Department of Energy.

But all that was just a prelude to the Extensible Plus program.

Our DemandEx software is a technical marvel – able to manage flexible loads in solar-equipped commercial buildings to deliver significant demand-charge savings to our customers, with or without batteries. But to make this a commercial marvel as well, we need our solar partners, just as they need us. At Extensible Energy, we’ve got energy nerds and software experts aplenty, and that’s a good thing. But we also have zero electricians, zero field technicians, and zero ladders. We rely entirely on our partners to bring our solution to market, just as they depend on us to deliver demand-charge savings to go with the energy savings provided by solar installations.

As utilities continue to restructure rates for commercial customers to be less solar-friendly (e.g., higher demand charges, less favorable time-of-use (TOU) periods), it becomes tougher for solar-only proposals to hit required return-on-investment (ROI) targets. With DemandEx, our solar partners can incorporate load-flexibility software into their proposals, providing additional demand and TOU benefits that raise ROI significantly. And Extensible Plus is the program through which we deliver training, support, collateral materials, and collaborative selling of the joint “solar plus load flexibility” solution.

So the message to our solar partners is simple: We’re all in. We’re ready to help with:

  • Load shape and tariff analysis of your commercial projects

  • Training on sales and installation of DemandEx

  • Collateral and supporting material for your own sales process

  • Lead generation, collaborative webinars, white-label product offerings and more

  • Support for you and your customers

The Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA) has set the goal for the industry to go from 2% of the electricity generated in the US today to 20% in 10 years. Their prediction (and ours) is that this growth will not be from “solar only” projects, but from “solar plus” projects. In particular, solar plus load flexibility has the potential to provide a huge boost to the commercial solar market.

If you have not yet engaged with us, please talk to us. Bring us that challenging office, retail building, church, school, warehouse, or whatever site you’ve got where high demand charges are limiting your ability to deliver savings for your customer.

Let’s see what we can do together, Partner.

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