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The Four Cs: More than Demand Charge Savings

We love saving our customers money. Our partners and customers all know that DemandEx reduces utility bills by shifting electricity usage away from expensive time-of-use periods and demand peaks. But as we engage with more customers, it's clear that there's much more to the story than that. To many of our customers, the value of DemandEx is all about the Four Cs: Comfort, Control, Cost, and Carbon.

Comfort: Nobody likes to work in a building where the energy management system is the guy with the biggest thumb; whoever poked the thermostat last should not be in charge of your comfort! With DemandEx, you control the temperatures, you control the schedules, and DemandEx keeps all the zones in your building within a comfortable range of temperatures during all occupied hours. Control: Can't remember whether you turned off the heat before you left the store? DemandEx has you covered. Want it cooler in one zone Right Now? Deman

dEx provides simple override functions. Have a special event coming up next week? One-time schedule changes are a snap through the DemandEx Dashboard. Cost: No matter how complex your utility makes your rates, DemandEx stays one step ahead, saving you money on energy charges, demand charges, time-of-use charges, and more. Carbon: Shifting energy from times when emissions on the grid are high to times when emissions are low can help you meet your organization's sustainability goals. Check-in with our team anytime to see how DemandEx helps you master the Four Cs.

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