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DemandEx: The Inexpensive Software

That Will Save You Thousands Each Month

Did you know that 30-60% of your monthly utility bill comes from demand charges?  Demand charges are determined by your highest 15-minute peak energy use each month.  Your peak is measured in kilowatts and it is multiplied by the utility’s demand rate, which can be $10/kW or $20/kW or even higher.  This costs you thousands or even tens of thousands each month.


Most energy systems and smart thermostats can’t manage demand, but DemandEx can.  DemandEx uses artificial intelligence to predict and prevent high energy peaks-- saving you money, time, and stress. There are no permits or building modifications required, and you’ll see immediate results -- we guarantee it.

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  • Demand & energy management

  • Simple subscription agreement

  • Fixed monthly price

  • Savings guaranteed

  • Installs in a day

  • Remotely monitor and control your building

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