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Additional Services


For energy consumers and building owners

Energy markets are complex and specialized; your business needs energy to grow, but you need to spend less of your own time and money deciphering the jargon and arcane conventions of the utility industry. Extensible Energy staff can work with you to:

  • Reconcile complex utility bills — and contest errors

  • Plan and deploy distributed generation projects, including solar

  • Participate in lucrative demand-response programs

  • Realize significant energy efficiency gains

EE staff provide strategic guidance to improve your energy procurement and efficiency functions, develop and analyze RFPs for energy and related services — and then stay with you through the details of procurement and savings analysis. The EE team has assisted some of the nation’s largest chain accounts in energy procurement and analysis, and can keep your energy costs from spiraling out of control.


For energy suppliers and providers

Extensible Energy offers consulting services and technology solutions that help you deliver value-added services to energy customers.  With over 25 years of electric and gas utility industry experience, Extensible Energy staff can guide you through the complex issues involved in:

  • Wholesale and retail energy pricing

  • Distributed generation

  • Smart Grid pilot projects

  • Demand-response programs

  • Design and analysis of new pricing strategies

  • Selection and deployment of energy information services

EE staff provide strategic guidance to improve your program portfolio, develop implementation and evaluation plans — and then stay with you through the details of program implementation and process improvements.  The EE team developed some of the industry’s leading customer service offerings, and can help you deploy next-generation programs that give you an edge.


For solar providers and installers

Extensible Energy offers advanced software solutions that help you deliver superior results for commercial and industrial solar installations. Solar installations alone can only deliver savings on the energy portion of a customer’s utility bill; but with tools from Extensible Energy, your solution can deliver savings on utility demand charges as well. EE staff can help to:

  • Accurately model any electric utility rate

  •  Provide high-performance load shape optimization routines

  • Control a variety of building loads using standard protocols

  •  Use real-time and forecast solar data to flex building loads as PV output changes

  • Deliver superior ROI compared to solar-only offerings

  • Help your customer offers stand out in comparison to those from your competitors

EE staff are working with forward-looking solar companies to bring solutions to market, and can help you close more business with commercial and industrial customers.

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