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DemandEx customers are helping to
solve climate change today.

Let's explore how. 

The opportunity of the decade.

Buildings account for 76% of electricity use in the US. But most are not optimized for efficiency and sustainability. As a result, making buildings greener is crucial if we are to reduce carbon emissions and meet our climate goals. This is where DemandEx comes in.

DemandEx  decarbonizes the grid in three main ways:

1. DemandEx shifts customers' energy consumption away from times when the grid is the dirtiest.
Screen Shot 2021-09-23 at 1.44.23 PM.png

Source: WattTime

If DemandEx were deployed in every building in the US, customers would save enough energy to power:



Homes for one year 




Cars driven for one year

2. DemandEx customers enable the grid to become cleaner.

Through reducing peak demand and empowering customers and utilities with demand flexibility, DemandEx allows utilities to increase the percentage of renewable energy generation relative to non-renewable generation

3. DemandEx expands the reach of commercial solar power.

By significantly reducing demand charges, DemandEx decreases solar’s payback period and increases solar’s return on investment. This makes solar installation an economically feasible energy solution for businesses who otherwise wouldn't even consider it.

The result? DemandEx customers are: 
  • Reducing carbon emissions nationwide

  • Meeting and exceeding their ESG goals

  • Improving their buildings' LEED, Energy Star and Title 24 compliance


Want to learn more? Download the White Paper Below 

White Paper Executive Summary

As climate change continues to cause increasingly severe weather events throughout the United States, more building owners are implementing sustainable practices for the benefit of their planet and their pockets. A major area for potential emissions reductions among buildings is electricity use.


This paper explores how two software companies, Extensible Energy and WattTime, are embarking on their first partner project which will optimize when the building uses energy based on when the grid is cleanest. Through analyzing a specific building complex in Boulder, Colorado, we found that this software integration will deliver significant carbon and cost savings. 

What people are saying about our technology:
"New fossil-fuel-burning, polluting power plants are being built every day in America. And yet we are surrounded by technology that can significantly alter our electricity demand and make these plants unnecessary. Any building owner or manager with a conscience should at least be considering technologies like Extensible Energy’s DemandEx."  

- Lindsay Baker, CEO of the International Living Future Institute & Former Global Head of Sustainability & Impact at WeWork  
Find out if DemandEx is right your non-residential solar building.
DemandEx works with and without batteries. Find out which is best.
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