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The Triple Win: Three Technologies that Benefit Commercial Solar Customers, Sales, and Operations

Commercial solar installers are increasingly relying on new technology that can help their customers, sales, and operations. Join us to learn about advanced solar plus technologies that can benefit all stakeholders.

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Wednesday July 22, 2pm ET, 11am PT

Here’s the triple-win lineup and what you’ll learn:

Olivia McShea, Head of Sales and Marketing at PVComplete, demonstrates how PVComplete's suite of advanced PV project sales and design software products solves complex engineering challenges and streamlines commercial solar project execution from concept to completion. The platform’s sales and AutoCAD-based engineering products work seamlessly together to maximize solar project accuracy and productivity at a lower cost.
Jeff Adams, eGauge’s Director of Business Development, demonstrates the importance of granular, real time data, and how it can affect design, maintenance, and performance of a PV system. With its flexible communication options, clients get actionable information that can improve the ROI and protect their commercial solar assets.

John Powers, Extensible Energy’s CEO, explains how adding innovative DemandEx load flexibility software can improve the ROI of commercial solar, accelerates sales, and provide greater savings for customers. Superior solar project returns are achieved through easy-to-install A.I. software that uses eGauge’s data to optimize flexible loads and reduce demand and TOU charges.

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Olivia McShea

Olivia oversees PVComplete's sales and marketing efforts. As the lead point of contact for PVComplete customers, she assists solar companies in getting started, training sessions and continued support. She also facilitates companies finding custom software solutions through PVComplete. Additionally, Olivia acts as liaison for residential, commercial and utility scale design services. Olivia leads marketing strategy and execution to maintain and build relationships across the solar industry.  She previously worked in solar distribution to help installers design and procure materials. Olivia studied Climate & Energy at Princeton University and enjoys rowing in her free time.

Jeff Adams is the Director of Business Development at eGauge Systems, and he has over a
decade of experience in the PV industry. His background in residential and commercial PV
design and his experience as a module manufacturing rep provide him with a unique
perspective on the PV industry. While at eGauge Systems, he has focused on expanding the
industry’s awareness of Solar Plus and incorporating consumption data into design.


Jeff Adams

John Powers headshot close up.jpg

John Powers

John Powers is the Co-Founder and CEO of Extensible Energy and an entrepreneur with broad experience leading software and consulting firms. He brings deep expertise in energy markets, including energy efficiency, demand response, renewables, rate design, transmission markets, demand-side program design and evaluation, metering, and billing. John is also an energy industry consultant with three decades of experience working with the world's leading utilities, as well as their customers and suppliers.

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