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This event has ended. Please check the resources page for a recording.

Tuesday, Nov 19th at 10:00 AM PST

Free Webinar - 1 Hour Live Streamed Event

Energy resource use is being reshaped by environmental pressures we're now forced to reconcile with. Join John Powers, Extensible Energy CEO - a Shadow Ventures lab startup, and K.P. Reddy, Shadow Venture's founder, for a discussion about changing the grid and opportunities to innovate around more flexible and resilient systems.

John Powers, CEO of Extensible Energy, is an energy economist and entrepreneur with three decades of experience in renewables, energy efficiency, demand response, and related fields.  Extensible Energy delivers load flexibility software that integrates with solar installations for dramatic improvements in demand-charge and TOU savings.

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John Powers

The culmination of 20 plus years of experience of consulting with startups, enterprises, and Fortune 500 companies, K.P.’s status as a thought leader in the BuiltTech space and his book, BIM for building Owners and Developers, to provide clients with the multi-stage support, trusted insight, and guidance needed to grow their business. With a focus on innovation in the built environment, K.P.’s clients include Applied Software, Mohawk, Autodesk, and Pointivo.

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K.P. Reddy

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